JANE // Hour-Long Historical Drama Pilot

Chicago, 1972. Eugenia Lewellen — daughter of a Baptist preacher and the only Black woman in her medical residency program — risks faith, family, and her future as a doctor to help an underground women’s clinic perform safe abortions. Inspired by true events.

PUBLIC SCHOOL // Hour-Long Drama Pilot

Principal Grant Wright's savior complex has allowed him to build a stellar career improving L.A.'s struggling urban high schools. Now he's at Slauson High School, the worst school in the district. Grant can no longer be the lone hero. He'll need to galvanize and inspire his students, teachers, and parents to create real change... without neglecting his own family in the process.

HOOD RICH // Hour-Long Drama Pilot

Drea is just a broke Black girl struggling to make it out of the hood in Oakland, CA... until she wins a $600 million lottery jackpot. Though she believes it's the answer to her prayers, her family and community have other plans. You know what they say: Mo’ money, mo’ problems.


135TH & AVALON // Drama Feature

After 30 years in prison, a man is released to make the most of his freedom and reconnect with his family. But first, he must heal the old wounds between him and his younger brother that re-fester upon his homecoming. Inspired by true events. Recipient of the Edward Small Screenwriting Award.


Michelle Denise Jackson @ WordPress 

A blog I semi-regularly updated between 2013 and 2015 when I decided to quit my full-time job leading youth programs focusing on reproductive justice so I could become a writer and artist full-time. Read for a lot of angst, vulnerability, and self-excavation. 


A blog documenting my efforts to lose 100 lbs. in early 2013 -- and a few posts after that documenting my feelings around failure. Read for a lot of honest ruminations about what it means to live in a fat body, be healthy, and practice self-love & self-sustainability.