135TH & AVALON // Drama Feature

After 30 years in prison, a man is released to make the most of his freedom and reconnect with his family. But first, he must heal the old wounds between him and his younger brother that re-fester upon his homecoming. Inspired by true events. Recipient of the Edward Small Screenwriting Award.

JANE // Hour-Long Historical Drama Pilot

Chicago 1972. Eugenia Lewellen, a black woman OB/GYN resident and devout daughter of a Baptist preacher, risks everything to an underground women's clinic and aid their mission of performing safe abortions before Roe v. Wade. Inspired by true events.

PUBLIC SCHOOL // Hour-Long Drama Pilot

An anthology series that examines the unique issues facing public high schools in different communities all across the U.S., and how they impact the personal lives of administration, students, teachers, and parents.

HOOD RICH // Hour-Long Drama Pilot

Drea is just a broke Black girl trying to make it out of her East Oakland hood… until she wins one of the largest lottery jackpots in California history. As she tries to figure out how to use her money for the greater good, her family and community will make her realize the old adage is true: Mo' money, mo' problems.